Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is continuing his planned meetings with policymakers in United States capital Washington D.C., to further discuss “future internet regulations,” most recently with Senator Josh Hawley.

Zuckerberg meets Missouri senator Josh Hawley

On the afternoon of Sept. 19, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley took to Twitter to give an overview of a meeting today with Mark Zuckerberg. Hawley wrote:

“Just finished meeting with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Had a frank conversation. Challenged him to do two things to show FB is serious about bias, privacy & competition.”

The U.S senator had asked Zuckerberg to consider selling messenger service Whatsapp and photo and video-sharing social network, Instagram, both owned by Facebook and submit to an independent, third-party audit on censorship.

According to Sen. Hawley, the founder and CEO of Facebook had a clear and short answer to both questions: No.

Zuckerberg grilled by Democratic lawmakers

CryptoNewspeople reported today that Zuckerberg had dinner with a handful of United States lawmakers, where he was met with intense scrutiny of Facebook’s proposed Libra stablecoin project. Democratic Senator Mark R. Warner said that during the Sept. 18 dinner with Democratic lawmakers, Zuckerberg heard “consistent concerns about privacy, concerns around vile content and how it came to be dealt with.”