NFT’s went from “what’s that” to being the future of content monetization for creators that’s unlocking a new level of freedom for artists and delivering massive joy to avid crypto investors and fans alike.

Mintdropz, a Silicon Valley based startup that allows creators to directly sell NFT’s from their own D2C platforms, Apps, Websites, and Profiles, is skyrocketing their reach and have new talent on board that’s betting big on Mintdropz becoming the platform that leads the wave of future NFT sales and social media based around Crypto. Founded by Robin Birla, Ryan Kumar, Karan Sharma, and Sunny Sharma, the founding team has worked with major celebrities and advisors coming from Amazon, Facebook, and Paypal to bring the future of NFT’s to life.

The NFT space has been one of the fastest growing industries within crypto and generated billions of dollars worth of market value and transactions over just the few months they’ve been in existence. Artist like Beeple, have sold their NFT’s for over $69 Million dollars to collectors like Metakovan that solidified NFT’s as more than just a piece of art to being considered an investment.

Mintdropz approach is allow creators to be able to free themselves from the reign of typical marketplaces to setup their own websites or free profiles with a social media twist to NFT’s to be able to sell their NFT’s collectables directly to their fans with bundling including experiences, merchandise, and content and bringing their platform globally with talent from America, UK, Australia, Europe, India, and South Africa.


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